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My Faithful God

How faithful my God is
How faithful, how faithful
I seldom care about Him and what He had planned
But he had prepared a beautiful life that has already spun

Sometimes I ask why?
Why are you still listening to a sinner’s cry?
Though it may be hard to understand why
And how God does it without even a sigh

The Student and The Musician

Everyday we face new challenges. We meet new people and we go through new experiences. In fact, it helps us grow.

I am a third year college student in the University of Sto. Tomas taking up medTech. I wasn't a very good student in High School. I was just average. But mediocrity won't stop me from reaching new heights. God has brought me this far and I won't let such opportunity whistle away from my hands.

~ Pat Cagampan

Love Who with All My Mind, Soul, and Strength?

Bakit siya ang iniisip
Kahit na sa panagainip
Ang Diyos ang dapat na nasa utak
Ngunit siya ang sinisingit

Kahit mga awit ay sinuko
Sa damdamin pinasubo
Ang sigaw ay dapat si Yahweh
Ngunit siya'y hiyaw ng puso

Nagkakayod nang madalas
Inuubos ang lakas
Para kay babae't hindi kay Yahweh
Kahit oras winawaldas

Lalabas ang tunay na kulay
Kung ang kaluluwa ay iaalay
Ang Diyos ipagpapalit
Sa kaligayahang makakamit
Hindi pang walang-hangganang buhay

God Has a Purpose

When I was a kid
I asked myself, "why have I been born?
What is my life’s purpose?”

There was a time that I saw my life like a roller coaster
It keeps rolling and rolling without destination
I found nothing in this world
I never knew God has a purpose

But all of a sudden, when I was 16 years old
I started to look for someone
Someone who can satisfy my heart's desire
God must have a purpose